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Reagents Conjugation

Reagents Conjugation


Protein/Antibody Conjugation and Labeling Services

Critical reagents play a crucial role in immunoassays, which are used to support drug discovery and development programs. The robustness and reliability of an assay are highly dependent on the quality and consistency of these reagents. In assays, reagents are often conjugated to functional molecules (e.g., enzyme, fluorophore, beads and others) to quantify the assay reaction. During the conjugation, the nature of reagents may be altered. Additionally, it is challenging to maintain exactly same labeling efficiency in each reaction. The inconsistency of the reagents results in the significant variation in assay performance, which impairs the data quality. Lab Bioreagents has a reagent labeling group that support protein/antibody conjugation and labeling services for years. We have developed conjugation strategies to improve the labeling ratio with minimal impact to original biomolecules. Prior to release the conjugates, we provide different options (e.g., desalting column, HPLC, PAGE and others) to purify the conjugates. According to the request, we test the labeling efficiency through LC-MS or kit and reagents performance through ELISA binding assays. Each conjugate is supplied with a certificate of analysis.


Steps for Starting a Service

  1. Download the Lab-Bio-Conjugation-Requirement-Form through the link at the bottom of the page.
  2. Complete the form and send it to
  3. Our service team will send you the quote according to your request. 
  4. Mail the reagents to our labeling laboratory
    Eric White
    91 Lukens Dr, Suite B, New Castle, DE, 19720
    Tel: 302-274-2596
  5. The reagents will be labelled, tested and shipped back within 3 weeks. Upon the request, the timeline may vary.