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Company Overview

At Lab Bioreagents, we investigate the interactions of biomacromolecules at various conditions. These researches have resulted in a fundamental and experimentally derived dataset that we have found to be remarkably useful in learning the kinetics and dynamics of biomacromolecules in immunoassays. We have developed a series of high-quality assay buffers and assay kits through the screening of >2000 compounds with the support of machine learning technology (AI) and optimized through kinetic and dynamic binding tests. We are confident that our products can solve bioanalytical challenges and accelerate life sciences research.

Founded in 2017, Lab Bioreagents is an innovation-oriented biotech that has rapidly advanced the immunoassays. We bring high quality of products and services from three research labs in United States. We are proud to support pharmaceutical companies, CROs and research institutes in Americas, Europe and Asia.