October 03, 2022 – Lab Bioreagents, a biotechnology company developing assay buffer and kits to support drug development, today participated as a gold sponsor at the 2022 SAPA (Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association) Annual Conference in New Jersey. This event stands as a prestigious platform, fostering the exchange of knowledge, insights, and perspectives on pivotal issues and contemporary trends within academic research and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

The SAPA Annual Conference is renowned for its rich agenda, featuring keynote presentations and panel discussions led by eminent figures from both academia and industry. These sessions are designed to facilitate scientific dialogue, drug development, and the sharing of innovative ideas. Additionally, the conference offers exceptional opportunities for networking, career advancement, and the initiation of business collaborations.

Lab Bioreagents' involvement in this event underscores our commitment to supporting drug development through our advanced biotechnological products, including assay buffers and kits. We are honored to contribute to an event that not only promotes the advancement of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries but also supports the broader scientific and healthcare communities.