September 20, 2022 – Lab Bioreagents, a biotechnology company developing assay buffer and kits to support drug development, today announced a strategic partnership with, marking a significant advancement in our mission to support the global drug development community. This collaboration will enhance the accessibility of our high-quality assay buffers and kits through's innovative digital research platform. is at the forefront of scientific research facilitation, offering a platform that leverages advanced AI technology along with personalized Research Concierge support. This combination empowers scientists to conduct more innovative experiments efficiently, reducing both time and costs. Our collaboration comes as a boon to our clientele, which includes some of the most prestigious pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Through, these clients gain on-demand access to a vast array of research services and products, courtesy of our partnership with over 4,000 suppliers globally.

We are committed to not only maintaining the highest quality standards in our products but also ensuring unparalleled convenience for our customers. Now, through (, our customers have a streamlined, efficient avenue to access all Lab Bioreagents products. This partnership underscores our dedication to facilitating groundbreaking research and development projects across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.