July 17, 2023 – Lab Bioreagents, a biotechnology company developing assay buffer and kits to support drug development, today proudly announced the expansion of our quality assurance team at our Delaware facility. This strategic enhancement underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance throughout every phase of our operations.

Quality assurance is integral to our success, encompassing a wide range of critical functions including review, inspection, approval, and assurance of compliance with established protocols and regulatory requirements. Our quality assurance processes are designed to uphold the integrity of our products and services, ensuring they meet or exceed the rigorous standards set forth by industry protocols, CRF completion guidelines, SOPs, and regulatory frameworks such as ICH/GCP guidelines and FDA regulations.

The addition of the new team members to our quality assurance department signifies our dedication to excellence and our proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. By strengthening our quality assurance capabilities, we reinforce our commitment to supporting our clients' drug development endeavors with products of the highest quality and reliability.